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  4. Why Are Civil Wars so Protracted and Difficult to End?
  5. Colombia: La Violencia

Individual chapters examine civil wars in Colombia, the Sudan, Yemen, the United States, Greece, and Nigeria, and analyze the causes of peace, the relationship between the battlefield and the negotiating table, and issues of settlement.

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You must be logged in to Tag Records. Healing the psychological wounds of a protracted civil war to avoid its renewal proves to be a long and challenging process. The consolidation of peace is further endangered by the culture of violence that protracted civil wars can breed and sustain, and which often persists into the post-war period.

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The intensity of battle and the level of atrocities against civilians can erode the social norms that may have regulated the use of violence in the past. When violence is not sanctioned and barely condemned it becomes normalized and legitimated. This essay has attempted to present a number of structural explanations for the protracted and persistent nature of civil wars relative to interstate conflicts.

The essay has also highlighted the role of their factionalized as well as personalized nature as barriers to a negotiated settlement. Given the immense physical destruction protracted civil wars entail, they are often reduced to irrational and meaningless conflicts.

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As long as the root causes of civil war: insecurity, poverty, overpopulation, political exclusion as well as the legacy of atrocities and cultures of violence, are not addressed, violence continues, even if it mutates into different forms and occurs between different parties. Atlas, P. Berdal, M. Cunningham, D.

Daalder, I.

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Dehghanpisheh, B. Duffield, M. Gamba, V. Gberie, L. Kalyvas, S. Kaufmann, C. Keen, D. Knudsen, A. Licklider, R. McNeish, J. Regan, P.

Rodgers, D. Sambanis, N. Stedman, S. Winton, A. Zahar, M.

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Why Are Civil Wars so Protracted and Difficult to End?

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Many thanks! They can hold perpetrators of war crimes against children to account so that children can get justice. And together, we can help children harmed by war get the practical help they need for recovery and rehabilitation. All children are safe from abduction, arbitrary detention and forced displacement from their homes. No child is denied access to humanitarian aid, irrespective of whether the conflict is national or international.

Colombia: La Violencia

Violations of the rights of children to protection in war are rigorously monitored, reported and acted upon. Those committing, overseeing and ordering attacks on children are held accountable for their actions and brought to justice. Every child harmed by conflict receives practical help, protection and support to recover and rebuild their lives. All children affected by conflict, including refugees and those internally displaced, are able to continue their education.

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