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Portlyn sees the deadly device as his means of regaining his wealth and power -- and also getting revenge on the crew of the da Vinci.

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Soon, the S. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection. Learn More.

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Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Phaedra M. For a century, the Cloud City of Stratos that hovers over Ardana has been abandoned, left only as a curiosity and a museum piece following the brutal civil war between the City Dwellers and the Troglytes.

Now the city is starting to fall, and it's up to the S. However, there's more to this than the usual engineer- ing conundrum. Star Trek:Corps of Engineers: Aftermath.

Keith R. Having recovered from the catastrophic events of Wildfire, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team on the U. A strange vessel appears in the middle of San Francisco that the S. Then they have to help the Venus terraforming team -- a mission that brings Bynar computer expert Soloman to a difficult crossroads.

That's only the beginning of the challenges for the Corps as it faces a Ferengi with a time machine, a prison colony in a black hole -- and a mission from the Dominion War that comes back to haunt the da Vinci crew in more ways than one. David Mack. These are the voyages of the U. Their mission: to solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time. The S. Now Gold faces what may be the greatest challenge of his career: officiating the first-ever Klingon-Jewish wedding!

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Allyn Gibson. Corps of Engineers These are the voyages of the U. Whether it's an artificial planetary ring that was damaged during the Dominion War, an out-of-control generation ship, a weapons inspection gone horribly wrong, shutting down a crashed probe, solving a centuries-old medical mystery, or clearing a sargasso sea of derelict ships, the S.

But the problems they face aren't just technical; Tev must confront the demons of his past, Lense must confront the demons of her present, Gold faces a crisis of leadership on his own ship, and Gomez must lead an away team into the middle of a brutal ground war. If you liked Serenity, I suggest you read the novelisation by Keith R. I have a couple of news announcements to make, still in the early stages of my project. Will disclose more soon as deals are finalised. After being linked to this Kickstarter project for a prequel story, by way of Laura Anne Gilman IIRC , I was rendered curious, and requested this book from my library system.

It arrived eventually; the system only holds three copies, and all three were initially missing. Good on that branch for not giving up. Anyway, this is clearly as the author bio in the back puts it a first original novel, as opposed to a tie-in. But I think it has potential, even though it really feels like a Forgotten Realms-style setting and sometimes novel. Forgotten Realms is a tabletop gaming setting, probably most famous as the setting of the Drizzt books. In a reading context, at least. I think I am going to pass on the Kickstarter which is funded, BTW, and you still have about 2 hours to get in on that if you want to , but I am interested enough to give the next book in the series a try.

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I did enjoy this take on the fantasy procedural. Which is different from thinking that it was messing with my escapism, or whatever. Oh, and for anyone who was wondering, the font used in this edition is Wilke. What can I say — the unusual Q caught my eye. Keith R. Inspector Spacetime. Seen the movie? Have you read the book? Most of the works Keith speaks about in this episode can be purchased through our Amazon store.

Thank you. Keith is an international best selling author with over 40 novels to his credit. There is always a different piece of music at the opening and closing of each show. Many of those pieces feature Keith as part of the company of players. Unicorn Precinct, by Keith R. Like its predecessor, Unicorn Precinct was previously published and has now been re-released by eSpec Books. Some readers will buy this book to read a story by just one or two authors but may be pleasantly surprised if they read the….

DeCandido My rating: 3 of 5 stars. Most notably, a serial killer knocking off legendary members of a band of heroes embarking on an epic quest. But he told me to tell you both to behave yourselves and do what I tell you.

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Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers

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