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Primer on Lenten Fasting
  1. Prayer and Fasting: A Primer by Rev Dr Lionel Stokes, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®
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  3. Prayer and Fasting : A Primer
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We are like David fighting the Goliath of Planned Parenthood. Fasting is one of the main ways the Lord gives us strength for victory and freedom from the evil one Mt ff. Fasting is a way in which the Lord gives the underdog victory. Fasting is often the fastest way to accomplish anything.

Prayer and Fasting: A Primer by Rev Dr Lionel Stokes, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

When God calls us to fast, more can be done in a short time than in years. Fasting starts a chain-reaction that begins with freedom and then results in compassion, enlightenment, healing, prayer-power, guidance and strength Is Ultimately, fasting results in renewal see Neh God is giving the privilege to fast possibly daily or frequently before receiving Holy Communion, at least weekly throughout the year, and annually during Lent.

The Church calls us to imitate Jesus by being penitential for forty days during Lent. That may include increased fasting excluding Sundays and feast days. Besides the Church requirement to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, we could strive to eat only one meal each day of Lent, unless the Lord has given us another way to fast.

During the rest of the year, the Lord will call you to fast at least once a week, usually on Friday. You may be called to a total fast in which you eat nothing or to a partial fast in which you limit your intake of food. We should fast in a way that we are conscious of it. Possibly the Lord will tell you to fast for a special intention. Because fasting can make an average person more powerful spiritually than religious leaders, political figures and billionaires are, Satan will make fasting as difficult as possible.

Its often like a one-way telephone conversation, in which one person goes on endlessly without the slightest pause for even an aha from the other partyand then the caller hangs up before a response can be made. Whatever our circumstances or situations, there are times when we want or need to communicate with God or to hear from Him.

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The means by which we do this, therefore, must be simple and clear. If you want to have a real conversation with God and develop a stronger relationship, with Him, then praying and fasting are the answersbut you need to do it right. Take a balanced approach thats safe and effective, and move closer to the Lord with Prayer and Fasting. Start Your New Life Today.

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Prayer and Fasting : A Primer

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Rules of fasting

Fasting: the Key to Spiritual Wisdom. Janie Hellemose. Practical Helps in Fasting Long Fasts. Zacharias Tanee Fomum. Crucial Elements of God's Economy. But God said that they had misled themselves; they were simply pursuing deep worship for their own pleasure. Their fast was nothing to God because, in their daily lives, they were acting disobediently and oppressing their people.

Simply effacing oneself is not fasting. Secondly, Jesus warned about our hearts in fasting Matt. Our fasts should be done in secret, meaning that we are not to fast to be seen by men but by God. This does not exclude corporate fasts with the church; Jesus was concerned with the motive behind fasting. We are to fast for greater fervency in prayer, not for worldly spectacle. Thirdly, fasting is not an incantation. David fasted and prayed to God for many days on behalf of his son, but God allowed him to die 2 Sam. Regardless, we should always fast with the expectation of being heard.

You can learn fasting slowly and progressively. You can start out by fasting only one meal and devoting that meal time to prayer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is nothing wrong with scheduling fasting. There is evidence that the early Christians fasted twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. If you have health issues, you can consult your doctor before fasting. If you have a history with an eating disorder, fasting may not be the best thing for you.

But none of us are free from checking the motives of our heart before we fast. We need to make sure that what we find is an understanding that we need God and a desperate desire for him to act.