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Romance writer Frances Welty, whose career and love life are trending downward, is among the nine people hoping to transform their lives in 10 days. Others taking part in the regimen of diets, meditation, facials, etc. For a long time, not much happens except a lot of mindful living, but then the plot takes a turn. In fact, it goes completely off the rails, but I kept on flipping pages so fast I got a paper cut, although not as bad as the one Frances suffers from early on.

Richard had helped Reno find a job with a sleazy pay-day lender, but claims to know nothing about her present whereabouts.


The case is complicated and timely; both the pace and detective are relentless. First, a young curator at a Colorado history museum vanishes on an overnight camping trip. Next, a valuable historical diary disappears from the same museum before a fund-raising gala. In , war hero and family man Pete Banning walks into a church and shoots the pastor dead.

Mr. Zig Zag - Clare Bevan - Häftad () | Bokus

Frank Guidry is a New Orleans mob fixer on the run from a hired killer when he stops to help Oklahoma housewife Charlotte Roy and her two kids heading for a new life in California. Lovecraft or read one of his weird horror tales. But then Samantha Bee recently invoked Cthulhu on her TV show, displaying his tentacled visage on the screen. Scholars and Lovecraft devotees alike have speculated for years, and La Farge slyly mixes fact and fiction in his wildly entertaining tale of obsession and identity, our need to impose stories on our lives.

In his layered telling, a posthumously published Lovecraft diary depicts a romantic and physical friendship. A hoax is suspected, but freelance writer Charlie Willett believes that the Canadian man behind the diary is actually Barlow, who must have faked his death as a suicide in in Mexico City. This may sound complicated, and it is, but the nesting doll-like narrative reads like a head-spinning detective story. Oh, the twists, the turns! Still, trying to figure out this puzzle box could lead to Cthulhu — oh, the horror, the horror!

In The Lost Book of the Grail Viking, digital galley , a year-old British academic who grew up on the tales of King Arthur has his life upended by a year-old American digital librarian, a missing medieval manuscript and the possibility that the Holy Grail is hidden not in Glastonbury but in Barchester Cathedral. Arthur Prescott, who quotes P. Together, they may yet save the fortunes and future of the monastery.

As Arthur and Bethany decipher clues and a tentative romance blooms, their discoveries intersect with the historical episodes. His wife dies of cancer and his younger son slips into heroin addiction after the death of a high school buddy.

Happy publication day, The Case of the Missing Treasure!

At the same time, his older brother, wrongly imprisoned for the long-ago murder, is freed, and one of his patients, an ex-cop, becomes obsessed by a phantom serial killer. Mystery writers are magicians of sorts, constructing clever puzzles, misdirecting our attention, dazzling us with their verbal sleight of hand. They also juggle characters and clues, and, sometimes, different series.

The follow-up, Smoke and Mirrors Houghton Mifflin, digital galley , captivates as police detective Edgar Stephens and magician Max Mephisto hunt for a killer in early s Brighton. The fairy tale connections continue as Edgar learns that talented Annie liked to write plays based on Grimm for her classmates to perform, and other clues link to the pantomime Aladdin , in which Max is starring. The frantic holiday vibe, the theatrical backdrop, the colorful characters and the bleak weather add up to a moody mystery. Abracadabra, indeed! He wants Harry to find out what happened to the Mexican teen he got pregnant when he was a USC student 65 years ago and who then vanished.

Is Vibiana still living and did she have the baby?

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Does he have a heir? Sworn to secrecy, Harry begins a dogged search for possible Vance descendants, a hunt that takes him to a one-time home for unwed mothers and his own past as a Vietnam vet. Nice work. James, who died in In the stellar title tale, an elderly writer remembers a memorable wartime Christmas, when a fellow houseguest — an antiques dealer — was bludgeoned to death. Two of the stories feature detective Adam Dalgliesh and pay homage to Christie and Holmes.

Oh, I miss P. Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his true-crime writer wife, Erica, should be enjoying their infant twin sons. Then the financial officer of soon-to-open hotel-spa is murdered, and his death leads to secrets from his past in Stockholm, shocking his elderly parents and his childhood sweetheart fleeing her abusive husband.

Also in play are a couple of con artists, a violent biker gang, drug dealers high and low, and an island of ghosts. A flurry of new crime novels last month soon turned into a bit of a blizzard.

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Former Chief Inspector Armand Gamache comes out of retirement to whip the national police academy into shape, searching for long-rooted corruption. Loss shrouds the winter-haunted village, but also the possibility of forgiveness. This is my new favorite in the series, right up there with the piercing How the Light Gets In. Booted from boarding school in Canada, intrepid girl detective Flavia de Luce is delighted to be returning home to her crumbling English home Buckshaw in time for Christmas.

Unable to be at his bedside, Flavia tears off on an errand aboard her trusty bicycle Gladys and comes upon the body of a woodcarver hanging upside down from his bedroom door. Sorrow Road St. A nursing home where many of the residents have dementia ties several plot points together, including the murder of a staff member and the questionable deaths of several patients.

Keller intersperses the present story with a past one about three local boys going off to fight World II and being together on D-Day. I grew up in a Charlotte, N. Jencey, hunted by a stalker in high school, returns 15 years later, her country-club life in ruins. Whalen deftly weaves their lives together, and if some events are predictable, others surprise.

All the houseguests at the ill-fated weekend will be at the funeral, except for her stepmother, Claire, who asks Mila to take teenage Ruby, the surviving twin. In The Darkest Secret Penguin, library paperback , Alex Marwood skillfully uses flashbacks to tease out and eventually reveal perhaps what actually happened to young Coco. So readers do wind up at the scene of the crime, so to speak, privy to the bickering between narcissistic Sean and insecure Claire, and where the self-involved adults plan how to keep the handful of kids quiet while they party into the wee hours.

Splitfoot Houghton Mifflin, digital galley , a mysterious, and sometimes mystifying, novel of abandoned children, missing mothers, con men, cult members and angel voices. Ruth and Nat, as close as sisters, communicate with the spirit world to the fascination of their motley fellows at the Love of Christ! A traveling con man, Mr.

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Bell, shows scarred Ruth and fragile Nat how to cash in on their spiritualist talents, even as a sinister local tries to buy Ruth to be his bride. Bloomsbury sets its pants afire with Fairy Lies by E. Toon swims into spring with The Shark King by R. Disney-Hyperion swings for the fences with Cal Ripken Jr. Kane Miller hits the road with The No. Eerdmans huffs and puffs into spring with Becoming the Wolf by Bettina Wegenast, illus. Jensen Feels Different by Henrik Hovland, illus. Flashlight walks the plank for Victricia Malicia by Carrie Clickard, illus.

Groundwood summons the sandman with Nocturne: Dream Recipes by Isol, trans. Out of the Way! Zelinsky, in which a moose insists on being the center of everything;, and Invisible Sun by David Macinnis Gill, a sequel to Black Hole Sun about teen mercenaries fighting for their lives on a dystopian Mars. Heyday hikes into spring with My Yosemite by Mike Graf, illus.

Clarion makes waves with Teen Boat! Schmidt, illus.

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Springman, illus. Gregory Christie, a profile of artist Bill Traylor, a former slave who at age 83 began to draw pictures based on memories of his rural Alabama life. Tu Books plunges into the season with Vodnik by Bryce Moore, in which Tomas returns with his family to Slovakia and discovers that a vodnik—a water creature of Slovak fairy tales—wants to drown him, pitting Tomas in a fierce life-and-death battle.

Carolrhoda Lab casts a wide net with Catch and Release by Blythe Woolston, about two young people who share their fondness for trout fishing as they cope with fallout from a serious outbreak of illness in their town; Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick, a novel exploring the problems surrounding the relationship between a damaged teen girl and a troubled older man; No Crystal Stair by Vaunda MicheauxNelson, illus.

Service, illus. Nelson novel about a virus that has killed everyone on Earth older than age Cleary, a word-usage book. LB Kids has its arms open wide with Hugs and Kisses by Rachael Hale, a board book featuring photos of animals sharing hugs and kisses; Hug Time by Patrick McDonnell, a board book edition of the picture book; Kaleidoscope by Salina Yoon, a novelty title that is part book and part kaleidoscope; Riding in My Car by Woody Guthrie, illus.


Nivola, a biography of the American explorer; Paiute Princess: The Story of Sarah Winnemucca by Deborah Kogan Ray, the life of this pioneering figure who published the first book by a Native American woman; and Various Positions by Martha Schabas, a debut YA novel about a gifted ballet student balancing her studies with her sexual attraction to her instructor.

First Second is armed and ready with graphic novels Giants Beware! Neal Porter Books hits the campaign trail with Bad Kitty for President by Nick Bruel, in which Kitty wants to lead the Neighborhood Cat Coalition; Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, which examines objects and their relationships to different shades of green using intricately crafted die-cuts; Mr. Stead, an ode to the stirrings of spring. Kimmel, illus. National Geographic is more powerful than a locomotive with Superman vs. Price Stern Sloan serves up some ham on wry with The Onion Mad Libs , concept created by Roger Price and Leonard Stern, a fill-in-the-blanks book from humorists at the satirical news outlet; Madagascar 3: The Novel , inspired by the movie in which animal characters join the circus; and Tag This!

Warne waddles into spring with novelty titles featuring the characters of Beatrix Potter, including Peter Rabbit: Hello, Peter!

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Random House hopes you will enjoy the show with Sgt. Ember takes spring enrollment with Les Chevaliers by Christine Hung and Emily Seife, a tale of privilege and secrets set in a Swiss boarding school. Welsh, a companion to Mistress of the Storm , in which Verity and her friends are tangled in a tale of evil, intrigue, and lost love. Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire! Bunny, trans. Scholastic stares down danger with Dear America: The Boldest Mask by Susan Patron, a Wild West adventure in which a girl faces a ghost, vigilantes, and a mysterious stranger as she tries to prove that her father is still alive.