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He has blue pants with armor on it and a large chest piece with stuff going on inside it. He has spikes around his back and his left arm. His hand on his left arm has large nails. His eyes are red and he wears a large iron bracelet on his right arm. Instead of being green, he red. His chest piece is a different color than the other one. He has tons of spikes on his left arm. He has more armor on his right arm and his pants are the same. He also wears a metal mask which looks scary. If your opponents back is toward the end of the stage, use Deathbreak or Fire Fang to send them out.

Grand Valar not only hurts your opponent a lot but it also looks cool. Chao's Comet Hold is also a very harsh attack. And Dark Vortex Hold will deliver some damage! Helm Drop can get your opponent on the ground and when he's on the ground, you can use the kick to inflict more damage.

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The same goes for the Diving Kick. Raging Demon is a very strong attack to do. Amimone Spike is a great move to that inflicts some damage and gets your opponent on the ground. Raider might not be the strongest attack but when you use a vertical or horizontal attack right after it, it will inflict pain upon the enemy. Necris Dive is a perfect attack to use after Beowulf. When the bodies falling, use the Necris Dive. They're perfect for Ring Outs. If your back is facing the edge of the stage, use Dark Atonement. If an opponents back is toward the end of the ring, use Valar's Grasp to painfully throw your opponent out.

If an opponents left side of his or her bodies next to the end of the stage, use Nest of Demons. And when your opponents right side of his or her bodies next to the end, use Ridicule Fiend. These moves are some of Necrids best. When your opponents a couple feet away from you, use Elder Swing but make sure you have enough time to execute it.

Tulisk is a quick move that packs a powerful punch! Elder Blaze not only looks really cool, but its a nice move for ring outs. Just make sure you don't go out with your opponent. But the best Elder Topaz move has to be Beowulf. When you execute it try to be far away your enemy will go straight up in the air.

Now, it's time to juggle!

Call of Duty: Ghost "CHAOS MODE" GAMEPLAY! (COD Ghost Chaos Mode)

When you're done juggling, attack your enemy on the ground. This sick move is also very useful.

If you're in a tight spot, use it to get away from your opponent. Yep, without the Elder Topaz moves, Necrid would be a much weaker character. Use strong, and low vertical attacks and kicks. The only problem is the skeleton Fang which isn't that good. Grand Valar is an incredible move to use. You can use it for major damage or for ring outs.

The Chaos Reign Hold move is great too. It delivers lot's of damage and it makes you look good. The last move is the Void Cannon. If you can get your opponent to stay still, use this attack by all means. It's incredible.

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They both deliver nice quick damage. You can also use the moves in great combos. And make sure your just far enough. Chaos Comet Hold is a very powerful attack. A great way of using it is when your enemy is away from you a little. Start the move and you'll have enough time to get it charged and execute it. The same goes for Dark Vortex Hold but it's better if your opponent come after you. Then you'll get the proper amount of damage. The last move is the Chaos Reign Hold move. There's nothing really hard here. Just move quickly and do the move. Also, you can juggle your enemy after you did the move for extra damage.

Ooh, that's gotta hurt. If you have any, email me them. They were convinced that paradise would follow in the crimson footsteps of the Angel. And so it came to pass that, by the time the Emperor came to Baal, his lost son sat at the head of the Conclave of Blood. The High Majesty of Mankind had correctly divined the presence of one of his Primarchs upon the blighted planet of Baal Secundus, and led the finest of his men to the surface.

Note: At this point, scholars cease having to rely upon conjecture and the myths of primitives however diligently recorded , as the entourage of the Father of Mankind included many distinguished persons and scrivener-artisans. It is therefore known that, at the climax of the Conclave of Blood, the Emperor entered the massive natural amphitheatre carved from Mount Seraph by the ponderous tides of Baal's geology.

Those of the pure blood attended Sanguinius' address in their tens of thousands. The Emperor stood within their ranks, a shining golden figure among the tattered warriors of The Blood.


Carl Jung on the Alchemist Heinrich Khunrath - Carl Jung Depth Psychology

But the Emperor knew humility as well as divinity, and he listened as intently as any warrior there. Sanguinius gave a speech which lifted the very souls of his people, giving them more than hope, at its conclusion soaring into the air above them with a shout that every man there echoed. Thus, the Emperor was convinced without a doubt that this was indeed one of his missing sons. It is also recorded that, when approached, Sanguinius recognised the Emperor immediately.

Many believe that Sanguinius's reputed ability to forsee future events informed him of the Emperor's visit, explaining his reaction. He fell to his knees, crystal tears falling from his cheeks into the dust. Where they fell, alabaster flowers thrived upon the barren and foul soils of Baal Secundus. And so the Emperor bade him stand, and looked upon the myriad faces raised unto Him, proud and resolute.

He saw that they were both fair in mind and deed, possessed of a small part of the nobility and strength of their leader. Imperial history recognises that the Emperor subsequently selected the best of Sanguinius' warriors and took them into his Great Crusade, raising them up into a full Legion of Space Marines. They were implanted with the very core of the Primarch's physical being; his pure and precious gene-seed. Under such a blessing no man could fail in his duty, and the Blood Angels added their might to those already fighting in the Emperor's crusade.

Those that remained upon Baal Secundus were entrusted with the holy duty of defending Mankind's birthright upon the planet, and ensuring that future generations of warriors were taught the Imperial creed and the truth of the gods that once walked amongst them. So it is that even now, with millennia passed since those fateful days, the Blood Angels take their new recruits from the moons of Baal. To ascertain who is worthy to join the ranks of the Blood Angels, the youths from the tribes of the pure blood must take part in violent games and magnificent tournaments, battling against both the harsh landscape of their home world and, ultimately, their peers.

This has been established practice since the very first time new recruits were summoned from The Blood, and the rituals remain much the same even now. The contests are held once every generation at Angel's Fall, the forbidding cliff where Sanguinius was first found, and are announced by 'great flying chariots' the Thunderhawks of Veteran Blood Angels. Aspirants must reach the Place of Challenge by whatever means they can, a process that itself weeds out the weaker warriors hoping to join the ranks of the Blood Angels.

They must race across uncharted miles of hostile desert and leap from high cliffs with only their Angels' Wings to support them, a primitive assembly of skins and thin canes barely able to support the aspirant's weight. They must find their way through canyons infested with gigantic Fire Scorpions and Thirstwater, a liquid species that drains moisture from anything it comes into contact with. The dessicated husks of previous hopefuls speak well of those who have underestimated the danger posed by this threat.

Once they reach the Place of Challenge, gladiatorial contests similar in scale to those held in the Ultramar system are held.

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Only the most skilled fighters survive. Once the fifty or so victors have been separated from the unsuccessful aspirants, they will be taken up in the Thunderhawks to fulfil the next stage of their trials. Those that fail go on to occupy places of honour in their society, or to guard the Place of Testing until the next generation of aspirants is ready. The successful aspirants are taken to the fortress-monastery of the Blood Angels upon Baal itself, where they see sights of such magnificent glory that many lapse into speechless states of awe.

They are marched in front of their future battle-brethren, and it is here that the contrast between aspirant and Space Marine is truly made clear. The atmosphere and climate of Baal's moons are known to have severe and debilitating effects on those who have lived on their unforgiving surfaces.

Most of the aspirants bear the physical marks of their old lives; it is all but impossible for an ordinary man to live in such conditions and not feel the terrible kiss of radiation. Despite their youth, they are often bent and stunted, their ropy physiques riddled with lesions and blemishes, their growth stunted by malnutrition and constant hunger. In contrast, the towering physiques of the Space Marines around them are a sculptor's ideal of beauty, with smooth skin, sleek features and fine white teeth.

The aspirants are taken to the Great Chapel of the Blood Angels, where they observe a vigil for three days and three nights without rest. Some fall asleep despite their best efforts, and are taken away; their fate is unrecorded. Soon after, the Sanguinary Priests enter the candlelit chapel. These noble individuals fulfil the role of Apothecaries for the Blood Angels, but with a far more unusual duty. The Sanguinary Priests are entrusted with the care of Sanguinius's own blood.

The chalice they offer the aspirants at the conclusion of the vigil is said to contain a small portion of this precious liquid. Once the aspirants have partaken of the Sanguinary Chalice, they fall into a profound, timeless sleep, and their heartbeat all but stops. They are then taken by hooded Blood-Servitors to the Apothecarion, where the holy gene-seed of Sanguinius himself is implanted into their recumbent bodies. This breathtaking chamber resembles a gilded cathedral in design, but could house many lesser structures with nary a spire touching its embossed roof.

The walls are adorned with a vast array of mighty golden sarcophagi, each twice the size of a man. The sleeping aspirants are entombed within, dwarfed by the size of their caskets, and attached to a large network of life-support nodes. There they remain for a full year, fed intravenously with nutrients and injected with the Blood of Sanguinius. Many aspirants die at this stage, their feeble forms unable to accommodate the incredible changes wrought upon them by the gene-seed. These unfortunates are best left undescribed.

Those able to stand the trial of the blood grow swift and true, reaching proportions reminiscent of their spiritual forefather in a similar timescale. It is rumoured that occasionally an entombed aspirant will awaken well before the casket is opened, and live out a hideous existence of claustrophobic, blood-sodden darkness, emerging from their imprisonment catatonic, insane or worse.

If the aspirants' bodies adapt, they put on extra muscle mass and assimilate the organs implanted into them in the Apothecarion. As they slumber, they are gifted by vivid and strange dreams depicting the memory of Sanguinius himself. Thus the very essence of the Primarch permeates the minds of his new sons, and ever afterwards these potent emotions and memories will be permanently imprinted upon their souls. When the aspirants are finally removed from their sarcophagi, they have changed so thoroughly that few could believe they were once the twisted creatures rescued from the living hell of Baal Secundus.

They have become tall, immensely strong and superhumanly powerful. Their restructured bodies have taken on a haunting beauty reminiscent of their angelic forefather, their senses keener and their muscles stronger than tempered steel. And yet, they have only completed the first step on the road to becoming a Blood Angels Space Marine. Perhaps more than any other Loyalist Chapter, the terrible events of the Horus Heresy had a horrifying and permanent effect upon the Blood Angels, and it is this tragic fate that has shaped the Chapter since that time.

Warmaster Horus, once the Emperor's most trusted and beloved son, turned to Chaos, and plunged the dagger of betrayal so far into the heart of the Imperium that it is yet to recover from his evil deed. In a tragic sequence of events, the corrupt and evil being that Horus had become managed to manipulate and coerce several other Primarchs, turning them against their own father and mentor, the Emperor himself. These events culminated in the combined attack of Warmaster Horus's forces upon the Emperor's Palace.

Ordo Maleficus Guide

Space Marine fought Space Marine, traitor battled loyalist until the fortifications of Terra's finest monument to divinity itself looked set to fall. Chaos was ascendant; the powers that Horus had allied himself with had given him power beyond imagining at the cost of his immortal soul. Sanguinius is immortalised in the magnificent stained glass windows of the Sanctus Praetoria Imperator as fighting high above the raging battle, facing daemons so powerful they could unhinge the minds of great heroes with but a word.

He single-handedly held the crenellations from the tides of daemonic filth attempting to wash into the holy chambers of the Emperor's Palace. Many accounts of the time praise the Blood Angel's valour and unceasing efforts in their defence of the Eternity Wall space port. Although hundreds of Blood Angels died, they stemmed a sea of foulness the like of which had never been seen before. Many speak of the bright light bathing Sanguinius' sons as the Primarch slew his foes in the skies above with his mighty blade of fire.

And yet, it was upon Horus's battle barge that Sanguinius was to fulfil his greatest duty. In his victory, Horus became complacent, watching the battle from the bridge of his bloated leviathan of a command ship. He wanted to experience the Emperor's defeat first hand, to force him to his knees before he fed on the father of Mankind's soul. And in his folly, as his forces breached the defences for the last and final time, spilling into the corridors and chambers of the palace, Horus relaxed the psychic defences around his ship.

At the speed of thought, the Emperor was aboard the hellish craft, Sanguinius close behind him. It is known that Sanguinius was gifted with the power of foretelling, able to see visions of what lay ahead. His soul was pure, and the prophesies he spoke of inevitably came to be. It can thus be surmised that he knew full well he was going to his doom when he confronted the Warmaster, and yet he went without hesitation. Whether this act was prompted by fatalism or loyalty to the Emperor is a point debated by many Imperial theologians lacking in faith, however there is no doubt in the minds of the Blood Angels.

They maintain that he walked into the lion's den out of duty, knowing full well what the outcome would be. And thus it is that the Blood Angels alone know the details of their Primarch's fate. The sacrifice of their founder is echoed in the soul of every one of their number, and their souls burn with troubled dreams of Sanguinius's death. These inherited memories are so powerful that the Blood Angels are known to lapse into a fugue state known as the Black Rage, experiencing horrific visions of death and pain that they share with Sanguinius himself.

It is true that as a Blood Angel ages, as he sees more bloodshed and battle, he becomes more and more prone to the onset of the Black Rage. Chaplain Lestrallio, a great and tragic martyr of the Blood Angels, instigated a method that enabled those unfortunate few who fell into the Rage when the Chapter was in deep space to be of service nonetheless.

The Lestrallio Procedure involves giving oneself to the Sanguiniary Priests when all attempts at stemming the Black Rage have been unsuccessful, and there are no enemies for the victim to slaughter in the throes of a heroic death. The volunteer is restrained, shackled in adamantium often at the cost of many Blood-Servitors, and brought fnto the bowels of the craft. There, in the darkness of the ship's Apothecarion, he is encouraged to talk of what he sees around him, his visions echoing those witnessed by Sanguinius within the unholy depths of Horus's battle barge.

The following account is an excerpt from the descriptions of Chaplain Lestrallio himself, recorded by a Blood Servitor in It remains the longest recorded example of the visions granted by the Black Rage, a testament to Lestrallio's great strength of will. It bums! The taint is so strong So hot I feel my feathers singe, furling against me to avoid touching the walls, the walls All of you!

At this point, after a violent spasm that lasted longer than any before and nearly shook his body to pieces, Chaplain Lestrallio died of massive physiological trauma. This is a regrettable side effect of the Lestrallio Procedure, but one deemed fitting by many among the Blood Angels. Deeply ingrained within the Blood Angels' gene-seed is the encoded experience of Sanguinius, and many say that most deeply imprinted of all is the memory of his final battle with Horus. Sometimes an event or circumstance will trigger this race memory This appears to happen only rarely, often on the eve of battle, and it is likely to be a fatal experience for the warrior whose mind is suddenly wrenched into the distant past.

What has become known as the Black Rage overcomes him, the memories and consciousness of Sangumius intrude upon his mind, and dire events ten thousand years old flood into the present. This we know to be true. To others a Space Marine overcome by the Black Rage appears half mad with fury: he is unable to distinguish past from present, and does not recognise his comrades.

He may believe he is Sanguinius upon the eve of his destruction, and that the bloody battles of the Horus Heresy are raging around him.

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