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My Wishlist. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country. For Testimony, Ms. Gaynor's own songwriting, a few hymns and an interpretation ofBob Dylan's "Man of Peace. Before parting ways, I shared with Ms. Gaynor, that I have dabbled in music my entire life as a vocalist and had much occasion to sing I will Survive as my go to audition song many years back.

These days I confessed that I still sing that song on occasion, but not in its original key, in fact I insist on lowering the key a step down or two. To that Ms. Gaynor looked at me, smiled and without missing a beat said: "Are you kidding me? I don't even sing it in the original key! Disco Queen. No shame in that. If you're like most of us, you've been diagnosed with the early stages of "vacation deficiency:' We're so task oriented, we lose site of our basic restorative needs to grab that necessary vacation "me-time. The psychology of what makes a vacation so curing, starts well before the actual excursion.

It's a series of needed gates we must pass that are ultimately responsible for creating that final " vacation high " rapture. Some psychologists will argue that we oftentimes derive more pleasure planning our trips than actually experiencing them.

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Why do we restrict ourselves to only a few carved-out yearly sessions to simply feed and replenish our soul? Why can't every non-workday become a true vacation experience for us? The answer is, it CAN and should be! The answer is right under your feet. You don't have to negotiate timeshare travel dates, make another life-pact with your credit card, or feel like you're on the stock market floor committing to the final travel package to enjoy the benefits most seek from an "away" vacation.

When my family couldn't afford to enroll me in the camping adventures I craved, I stumbled on the joys of YardCationing which eventually led to me StayCationing 2. I set up my Boy Scout issued pup-tent under the apricot tree, ran an extension cord to my little TV, loaded up the tent with my favorite cookies and unrolled my new sleeping bag.

The Jewish culture discovered this long before I did. This buzzword StayCation is new, but not the concept. It dates back centuries as we see in other cultures.

Books by Ray Williams

After much ado, and a 1 o n g intro, we are going to reveal the Seven Secrets to the Ultimate StayCation 2. Ascending applause here. The Joy of Planning According to a study published in 'Applied Research in Quality of Life', planning and anticipating, your trip can make you happier than actually taking it. And if the planning starts at home for your StayCation 2. Take joy in the "planning" and jot down the things you love doing on your "away" vacation, but never find time to do at home.

We're attracted to clutter-free resort environments, so plan your spring-cleaning to be ready for your summer home vacation. We like to set up physical heath goals for our vacations, which is simply a deadline. Do the same at home! Take time to shop for your new seasonal wardrobe. All this comes through the joy of "planning" and is available to everyone, everyday!

At times, I often feel "lost" while traveling, which makes sense as the transient nature of vacation consumes our sense of belonging. We all thirst for connection, and for many it's a need second to water. The twist of this is, we think we have to leave our own space to feel, "connected" again as we often, unconsciously neglect our most valued relationships at home, leaving in search of new connections. Try disconnecting literally and figuratively by unplugging the Wi-Fi router at home during your StayCation 2.

Then focus on reconnecting and nourishing your relationships and get lost in the "Joy of Connection. The Joy of Being Catered To A key ingredient in making a vacation so desirable is the pleasure we experience when being catered to. Someone to pull your sheets tight and to replace those wet towels carelessly dropped on the floor earlier, while you're out being served local cuisine. Hotels and resorts have this indulgence figured out.

African Sporting Creations: Site Map

They hire staff for every moment you're there, to cater and indulge your every whim, at every corner. Guess what, you too can call your "Clam Squad" and have them come to your home anytime you choose, and for much less than it costs for an overnight stay and spa package at your favorite resort! Live like a king or queen at home and hire a private chef, a masseuse and a daily cleaning service. Staffing your personal space with a few professionals experienced in the fine art of private residential catering will ensure your home is transformed into the perfect StayCation 2.

It's how we recharge and stay healthy. Yet, while we are at home we are often overwhelmed from the pressure of a long "to-do" list! Many of us are guilt-ridden at home for simply sneaking in some sacred naptime, yet while we are away, we boast to others how much we slept in. Allow yourself the luxury of restorative sleep! The Joy of Resort Living One of the most luxurious aspects of vacationing is the uplifting feeling we get from the ambiance of the resort.

It envelops us on a sensual level; from the soft music in the lobby, soothing our over stimulated minds, to the scent of fresh flowers and dreamy twinkly lights strung from the trees. When preparing your home for your ultimate StayCation 2. And, always remember to keep fresh flowers strategically placed throughout your home in a single palette for maximum "resort" like impact!

The Joy of Excellent Food Vacations, more often than not, are a time we give ourselves a free pass to indulge in our favorite foods. Stock the refrigerator with loads of colorful farm-fresh, exotic fruits and seasonal vegetables. Scatter large beautiful ceramic bowls throughout your home filled with papayas, mangoes and your favorite summer fruits. Treat yourself to leisurely brunches al fresco of avocado toast and eggs Florentine served with freshly squeezed orange juice while wearing your most glamorous pajamas and robe at home. It's often considered a luxury upgrade to have a full kitchen in your resort suite.

We take our own local culture and scenery for granted, and it's not until we have a guest coming to visit our great city, do we see the beauty through new eyes. You can find culture in every city. Try walking and be a tourist in your own city. Clear the day and hop on a public transportation and take the third random exit. Find a subway if you have one and head toward your city's cultural center. We often try to learn new languages when traveling abroad to enrich our experience. For those of us, who loved Lady Gaga in A Star is Born, there's the natural looking messy chopped hair, which gave her a grand funk 70's style!

Want the hair but don't have the length-reach far Barely Xtensions that match your hair color, and cut them to match the movie style you like. Complete the look by mixing wild, colorful clothes or unexpected pieces with something you normally wear. Then add a floppy vintage hat and vintage leather jacket for a hot city vibe.

Wavy hair is all the rage this summer! Braid your wet hair, let it air dry and then carefully unravel for an easy, bohemian wavy look or beach waves. For a fun wavy style put half your hair in "half up" braided pony tails that get the hair off your neck.

Then pair this famous look with funky sunglasses. A perfect look for summer casual! Pay tribute to Ariana Grande with a simple, practical high ponytail. Arianna is known for her long, straight pony - rock a similar look to look cool and stay cool as you dance the night away. All of this adds up to one thing: long hair is a fashion statement this year - pin straight, wavy or curly - just go long for the coolest festival style. Summer is the perfect time for sporting cool accessories, like flower wreaths, bolero hats, cute sunnies, and a fanny pack, which let you carry your essentials hands-free.

Try western accessories like a studded belt with jean shorts, a giant turquoise ring, or top off your outfit with a straw cowboy hat. Tissot watches have been touted as the "must-have" accessory for summer. And many of you will want to be practical with a hydration pack - a backpack filled with water to avoid dehydration during the summer heat.

Part of the fun of the summer scene is to let your music play. Anything goes at summer concerts: sheer dresses, short-shorts, kimonos, neon, fringe, even bathing suits. Enhance your ensemble with glitter on your face and fake tattoos across your body. Also focus on your favorite features with shine, glitter and glam in unexpected ways. Then frame one eye with glitter dots, glitter leading up one arm, or glitter on each of your toes. Embrace your inner rock star - whether you're partying at a concert or just sporting festival-chic looks. Wrap it in a bow, and allude it's on sale, and that off-the-rack deal becomes a full-blown adrenaline rush, ending in an orgasmic state of rapture!

But, if you're anything like me, she and they, you take that perfect ensemble home and say, "Wait I felt so glamorously red carpet at the store:' Well, the writing was literally on the wall, or in this case the rack. The term "off-the-rack'; according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as "bought, mass-produced, off-the-shelf, ready-made, store-bought:' For most, we are repeat offenders adopting the same fashion shopping habits to navigate how we purchase items for our home, or as the French beautifully refer to it, "Maison:' It is my belief that if you understand what you are in search of, you can transform your home into a "Maison Couture:' As a literary nerd, I had to look up the word couture and, in its simplest definition, means: "Something constructed, or made by hand, tailored exactly to your measurements.

Being a builder and creator of homes, practicing obsessively for 32 years, I've been exactingly hand-tailoring items for my client's maisons. They said I would be given an unusually small budget and a matter of days to design and build my version of a Maison Couture. I said YES, and questioned I was accustomed to working with significant budgets, which had been my crutch to finding and creating beauty. But, what if I pulled together every lesson I've learned throughout my career and went on a search for true red carpet beauty without it breaking the bank?

What if beauty was not based on what something cost, but rather what it "felt" like when it's wrapped with a completed bow? Step one, I needed to take my own advice and jot down my two most important mantras in search of beauty. We are all born with a gift. While we all have it, we often forget to access it.

What is this gift we are born with? The gift is intuition. My best explanation for what intuition is - it's the newest, hottest, high-speed evolved version of the Internet. And the best part is, there are NO advertisements or agendas to filter out when the information comes through.

Set with a few dollars in my pocket, and a lump in my throat, I reminded myself to turn on my ISA.

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But hey, ISA is on, so follow it, right? I second-guessed myself until I finally hit the back of the store and it all became clear. This find shaped the entire project's design, which evolved into a classic, s French cafe theme. First, the kitchen suddenly became clear: high gloss, black lacquered cabinets with silver leafed trimmings I used paints , crystal chandeliers, glass cabinets lined with whimsical paisley paper inside, crystal knobs to marry the chandeliers, and pure white marble with stainless steel accents.

Turn on your ISA and take my word that you will never look back again. If you're a beginner trying out this new Ferrari I license, ease into the driver's seat, turn on the engine, listen carefully as it revs with power, and accelerate with your newly tapped confidence of insider information.

Just remember to keep the receipts in case your ISA wasn't fully tuned in yet!

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Download PDF Hair Braiding Styles Basic & Exotic Braids Deluxe Edition

It's in our DNA to find beauty. It's so deep within us that it consumes most of our life's thoughts and energy. But not just any beauty, we are looking for the perfect human beauty, the perfect balance and symmetry. While some mathematicians were off in search of defining the power of splitting the atom, others were in search of beauty's intangible formula.

They discovered there is one perfect formula that universally emulates nature's beauty known by many as the Golden Ratio.