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  1. Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV
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  5. The assassinated children of King Edward IV, who were buried beneath a stone staircase

Elizabeth Woodville Queen of Edward IV

When Edward returned to England, he defeated the Earl of Warwick in battle and killed him. Shortly afterwards, Queen Margaret and her son arrived in England. They were also defeated in battle by King Edward, and his throne was safe. While Edward was away in Burgundy, his wife Elizabeth had given birth to a son, Edward, who was given the title of Prince of Wales. He would be the next king. Edward ruled with help from his two brothers. George, who had once rebelled against him, was now loyal, and the youngest brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester , had always been loyal.

There were still quarrels between them and the powerful Woodville family. George and Richard also quarrelled with each other, and in the end King Edward had to put George in prison, where he died. Edward IV died very suddenly at the age of forty. His son became King Edward V of England , but his reign did not last long. Edward's brother, Richard, thought that it would not be a good idea for a boy to be king, and he took the throne himself.

No one really knows what happened to Edward's two sons, the Princes in the Tower. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not have any sources. You can help Wikipedia by finding good sources, and adding them. May St George's Chapel , Windsor.

Edward IV is captivated by Elizabeth - The Hollow Crown: Episode 2 - BBC Two

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Woodville and her daughters eventually came out of religious sanctuary in March, However, they only did so after Richard III swore an oath to leave them unharmed and free of the dreaded Tower of London. While these are just rumors, they do indicate the sly reputation in double-dealing that would follow Woodville around forever.

Unfortunately, the festivities would be postponed indefinitely, as Richard III seized the throne.

To return to Elizabeth Woodville

She spent the last five of them in religious seclusion again at Bermondsey Abbey. Historians still debate how willingly she went away from court. Some historians, however, think Woodville went to retirement more willingly. Who says romance is dead? Unfortunately for Cecily, she took a step down rather than up. By marrying an obscure squire named Thomas Kyme, Cecily forfeited all her lands and was banished from court; her children by that marriage faded into obscurity.

Hardly the courtly welcome her mother enjoyed for her elopement. The stolen gold was never mentioned again. She was also allowed to be visited by her daughters, most often by Cecily of York. In fact, at the same time that Edward IV and Elizabeth were wed in secret, it was rumored that his previous mistress, Elizabeth Lucy, was heavily pregnant and waiting for her marriage to the king. In truth, the self-secluded queen dowager specified in her will that she wanted a plain burial.

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Family Tree of Elizabeth Woodville

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The assassinated children of King Edward IV, who were buried beneath a stone staircase

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