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  1. 5 Steps to Do Less in Life
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Go for a run AND do yoga, write AND clean the flat, work for a few hours, then get these and those administrative bits out of the way AND, of course, also do an in-depth research on various things on the internet. In my imagination, I tick all these things off my to-do list by dinner time — in theory only, of course. Because instead of getting them all done and feeling productive and content at the end of the day, I end up frustrated and overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I sense that I am neither physically nor mentally capable of doing a thousand things, and I intuitively focus on one or two — low-level — tasks.

5 Steps to Do Less in Life

And — surprise — it works! I do less, but get more done. I go slower, but dive deeper. I create more room for creativity.

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I am productive in the most satisfying sense. That which sometimes requires a great deal of discipline and acceptance from me comes naturally: Choosing fewer things, but getting them done. Choosing quieter tasks, but feeling more content. My mind on a thousand things at once, the Vata part of my personality dancing its restless dance. To be content about what I have achieved at the end of the day.

What about you? Have you made the same experience? Do you also tend to want to get too much done? Or do you push the sweaty workout when you actually feel like a quiet stretch? Let me know! Sign up for my newsletter here to not miss it.

The Pareto Principle - 80/20 Rule - Do More by Doing Less (animated)

Oh, I need this. I find myself running around, flying from project to project without the focus I need to do the deep work. Not productive. Looking forward to joining the experiment. I do this sometimes, when I start my work after some holidays and it is great. I feel better thank ever. But I start again, because I think never is enough. I feel good when I acomplish a lot of things, powerful. My doing less includes no comparing anything to anyone.

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My life, my way that is perfect for me and my family!!! And no automatic email or message alerts on the phone. Rather setting aside 2 windows per day. Hard at times, but more productive and peaceful:. And yes to no notifications on your phone. My business is getting bigger and busier, I am attracting more and more clients and I have all these ideas I want to implement but seemingly no time. I had the epiphany yesterday that I need to raise my rates so I can work less.

I do have fear about raising my prices though and about how I am going to achieve my goals.

I am all for learning how to do less and make real headway while enjoying the process! Thank you! My word of the year is FOCUS and I have spent the first 10 days slowing down, feel like it has been s moment of reflection and connection. This idea fits perfectly with my word of the year because focusing has a lot to do with getting rid of the clutter and craziness and focusing and what is most important. Thanks for adding value, may it be returned to you 10x.

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God bless. This is so timely as my intention is to do less and invite more ease into my life. Thanks for offering this! Hello Kate, I signed for the challenge and I found it very interesting. I have a question too : is it a challenge which can be applied to women who are not entrepreneur?

5 Ways to Do Less, Get More - Shaa Wasmund

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