PDF Walk Towards the Gallows: The Tragedy of Hilda Blake, Hanged 1899 (Canadian Social History Series)

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John Robert Radclive

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Walk towards the gallows : the tragedy of Hilda Blake, hanged in SearchWorks catalog

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Merril, Judith and Emily Pohl-Weary. Toronto: Between the Lines, Methot, Melanie. Michaud, Marie. What are the laws associated with the family in the weekly readings? What are the central assumptions held in common or disputed by the authors for the week?

Read Walk Towards the Gallows: The Tragedy of Hilda Blake Hanged 1899 (Canadian Social History

Groups of students will be assigned to assist with the on-line discussion each week on a rotational basis. They will be asked to post a one paragraph critique of the thesis of an article from the weekly readings and suggest how it fits into the weekly theme to foster a wider class discussion.

They will also create and post a question based on another assigned reading for that week. The rest of the class will provided answers to the questions posted by fellow students and the instructor, suggest definitions for the terms for the week, and comment on the posted critiques to further discussion. The Bulletin Board discussions will provide an opportunity for any student pose a question and have any aspect of a reading clarified. Students are asked to encourage productive on-line discussions by agreeing or disagreeing with the comments already posted.

Students are expected use the readings to support views or to provide a contrary opinion — more than a simple statement of agreement or disagreements required. This stipulation will assist in fostering more detailed and thoughtful tutorial sessions. These on-line research sources are to be used for background information for the book reviews and research for the essay assignment.

Therefore, students have some flexibility in reserving a block of personal time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, day or night, to participate in tutorials to accommodate family and work schedules. For example, students with surnames starting with the letters A through F will be assigned specific readings for week one, H to M week two, N to S week three and week four will be covered by those with surnames starting with the alphabetical letters T through Z.

The rotation schedule is outlined in the syllabus week to week. Critiques and questions prepared by students for posting in advance of the on-line tutorial should be completed and posted by 12 a. Tuesday on their assigned weeks. The instructor will monitor the postings and participate when advisable to keep the weekly discussions lively and focused on the weekly themes. A written record of the proceedings will be available to the instructor to establish weekly tutorial grades for each student.

Non participation for the week will result in a zero grade for the week. Students choosing to use footnotes rather than endnotes may submit a four page assignment to meet the word count requirement. Criteria: Students will analyse and assess how two 2 of the hard copy journal readings from one 1 of the units from Week Two to Week Four relate to the theme for the week chosen for study. For example, a student choosing readings from week two might compare how the article by Adele Perry and the one by Suzanne Morton provide insights into the question family dynamics and the law in nineteenth century Canada.

Both articles 4 address the issue of race and its impact on family formation as well as the legal and social standing of married women. The student would read the articles, analyse points of convergence and points of contrast, and then create and defend a thesis which addresses how the two articles provide insights into the theme of family dynamics and the law in nineteenth century Canada. The comparison of the two articles and the context of the theme for the week should point students toward a reasonable, defendable thesis and argument.

Students may wish to comment on which article they perceive to be more informative or the better written of the two articles used in their assignments. Instructions for writing the book reviews will be available on course Web CT. Students are advised further that the Wilfrid Laurier Writing Centre provides on-line access to tips for written assignments. Assignments should be double spaced, in size twelve font, and should include proper footnotes.

The review should be 6 to 8 pages in length not including the cover page and the bibliography.

The course texts, 5 reading package and on-line websites indicated in the readings packages are to form the foundation of the research for the research essay. As sources have been provided, a minimum of ten sources must be used to research the paper and cited in the bibliography. Footnotes should be used to reference sources in the body of the essay. Proper footnote and bibliographic formats will be presented on Web CT. Assignment Three should be double spaced, in size twelve font and pages in length, excluding the cover and bibliography.

Topics: Using course materials, prepare a research overview by analysing and discussing how the families of a visible racial minority, or, a specified type of family member, faired in the search for justice from — Or, students may choose married men, married women or minor children as the subject of their research study.

The group chosen will serve as a means to assist students in using the assignment to review the course themes and in identifying the factors impeding or assisting in the search for justice. Study questions to assist students in their review of course materials will be posted by the instructor in Week Eleven. Note: The final examination will be held during the formal examination schedule after twelfth week of the course.

The schedule is set by the University administration NOT by the instructor. The exact day and time of the final will not be known until after the course is in session. Students will be informed of the day and time of the final on-line when the information becomes available. Students should not book vacations or travel at a time in conflict with the exam slot assigned to the course. This applies to students who will write the final on the main campus as well as those taking the exam at remote sites. Schedule of Weekly Readings and Due Dates Part One: Legislating the Family, The course is divided into three time periods determined by the key trends and the changes in Canadian law that are relevant to an historical analysis of the search for justice by Canadian families beginning with the constitutional creation of Canada in In addition to the inescapable theme of regionalism, the interplay of gender, race, ethnicity, class and age 6 in the defining the access to equity under the law, both civil and criminal, will be explored in all three periods.

The course will gauge the search for justice in Canada by using the family as a barometer to assess the equity of selected aspects of the law. Non family members such as boarders, apprentices and servants may reside with them in a household or they may live alone. The twelve themes chosen for the course will help to delineate the quality of justice afforded families based on their socio-economic characteristics.

A-C — a critique of the reading by Snell and Vaughan and a question related to Comacchio. Critiques and questions are to be posted by Monday at midnight. Tutorial Readings: Comacchio, Cynthia. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp. Strange, Carolyn and Loo, Tina. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, , pp.

Snell, James G. Toronto: The Osgoode Society, Flaherty, ed. Backhouse, Constance. Stairs, Michele. Perry, Adele. Morton, Suzanne. Tutorial Readings: 8 Comacchio, Infinite Bonds, pp. Bradbury, Bettina. Craven, Paul. II, David Flaherty, ed. Toronto: The Osgood Society, , pp. Kealey, eds. Muise, D. Tutorial Readings: Baillargeon, Denyse. Brode, Patrick. At the onset of the new century, some of the reform impulses of the late nineteenth century gain greater popularity and new trends emerge. Canadian Historical Review, Vol.

Chapman, Terry L. On-line: www. The case of a father and step-mother charged with murdering their daughter in Quebec. Mc Laren, John. Marcus, Darius.

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Ward, Peter W. Tutorial Readings: Comacchio, Infinite Bonds, pp.